Book a casual ride

Dressage rider

QSEC has six riding areas available for hourly casual hire, which means you can train on your competition arena all year round.

Hourly casual riding is available Monday to Friday and is subject to availability with event bookings taking precedence.

Want to bring a friend(s) along to ride with you during your casual booking? A ground service fee will apply (the first horse’s ground service fee is included in the booking fee).

There is a maximum of 10 horses per hour per location and all required documentation must be submitted prior to the ride time (booking form, conditions of use for each rider, horse health declaration for every horse on the grounds). 

Fee description Amount including GST 
Main arena (including lights)  139169 per hour
Arena 2 (including lights) 159555 per hour  
Main Park (lights not included)  150389 per hour
Park 2 (lights not included) 159589 per hour
Outdoor arena - Sand arenas 102739 per hour per arena
Outdoor arena - Grass warm up 159565 per hour
Ground service fee T206 per additional horse

To make a booking, contact QSEC to confirm your preferred time slot is available. Payment mus be made prior to your ride time.