Queensland Horse Home Show

QSEC is committed to minimising the impact of our operation on the environment and as such our centre adheres to the following practices:

Water efficiency and quality

  • Rain water is collected from the Main Arena roof and stored in two 112,000 litre tanks. This water is recycled through our sprinkler system which waters the surface of the main arena as well used in all toilets.
  • All toilets are run on a dual flush system and urinals are sensor activated.
  • Self-closing taps have been installed in all bathrooms.

Energy efficiency

  • We have a ‘Switch-off Policy’ in place for all lights, air-conditioning, heating and other electronic devices for all staff to adhere to when rooms and offices are not in use. 
  • Sensor lights are installed in all storage areas and the administration office.
  • Natural light is utilised during cleaning and set up for events where possible.  The Main Arena features a large skylight which allows for use during the day without lighting.

Pollution prevention

  • Micro fibre technology is used for cleaning which reduces the need for chemicals.
  • Our cleaners are level 2 certified through ecoClean, which is an industry specific environmental program with the goal of achieving accreditation in ISO 14001 Environmental.

Workplace practices

  • Our staff are committed to the sustainable practices of our business operation. 
  • Our staff are actively encouraged to contribute ideas for reducing our impact on the environment during team meetings.