Top tips for buying a horse

24 May 2016

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Buying a horse or pony is a big commitment and it is important to consider carefully what you want and need. Below are a few tips to help narrow down your options and smooth the buying process:


It's simple - what are you buying your new horse for? Is it for your child to start off their life with horses? Are you looking for a dressage champion? Or perhaps you are in the market for breeding? Whatever it is, the answer to this question will have a huge impact on your buying experience, so make sure you make note of this before you begin your search.

Horses and ponies

Another important decision when purchasing a horse or pony is you! If you are buying the horse to ride, your size, age and experience can all have an impact on the four-legged friend you pick. To generalise, children are usually better suited to ponies and adults to horses. However, a smaller adult may feel more comfortable with a large pony and a teen who is growing quickly may be better suited with a small horse. Size is important as you sit and feel in the saddle can affect your performance and riding ability.

Considering breed

While some breeds have specific characteristics and if you are looking for a horse for the purpose of breeding, this may be an essential item on your list, most horses are adaptable and capable of doing whatever you want. If you are looking for a specific breed, thankfully it is now a lot easier to find horses and ponies of varying breeds from around the world in your own country. However, it is also important to consider horses that may not be what you first had your heart set on - a horse's breed will not always dictate its personality or traits.

Where to look

There are many ways to find the horse of your dreams. However, one of the more popular options today is going to a horse sale. Horse sales offer a vast array of horses and ponies to choose from, with different categories so you can find the ideal option for you.

Vet check

So you've found the perfect horse for you - what's next? Before you sign the dotted line, a pre-purchase examination from a vet is a must. A full examination may seem like an added expense, but it could save you a lot of money in years to come so make sure this is a priority before buying.

Buying a horse is a big commitment - make sure you take the time to find the perfect four-legged friend for you.

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